75th Anniversary


This year, Maranatha will be celebrating its 75th year of ministry, providing, and facilitating camp programs for all ages! By the provision and grace of God, Maranatha has been able to grow and thrive over the past seventy-five years to become the larges camp in Nebraska in terms of campers per year. MBC Welcomes you to celebrate the longevity the Lord has blessed us with!


Here is a list of events this year where we are celebrating 75 years:


4th of July Community Celebration (Wednesday, July 4th)

Family Camp (July 2-6)

Alumni Reunion (July 2-6)

Lincoln 75th Anniversary Banquet (TBA)


More events to come. Our 75th year ends on March 13th, 2013. Stay tuned for more. Below is a video interview of the camp founder's wife, Alice Olsen, recorded and edited by George Cheek in March of 2012.




We are thankful for your interest in the ministry we are doing and we are always looking for ways to serve our guests. As such, we are taking this opportunity to give the grounds a makeover, renovating, repainting, and reparing buildings around camp. Our 75th anniversary brochure gives some photos and detail of our current rennovation plans.


Click here to download our 75th Anniversary Brochure.


These various improvements to the aesthetic and physical aspects and physical aspects of camp will allow that existing buildings to be in the best condition for activities and housing. These renovations are for the functioning of camp and the continuation of the Lord's work here. As this work will be very expensive, it is necessary that camp receives the funding to facilitate the changes.


Fifty percent of the money that Maranatha Bible Camp uses to operate each year is received in donations. This allows more visitors to attend camp at a lower cost. As Maranatha is committed to this aspect of our ministry, we will be completing the renovations relying on donated dollars. This means that more funds will be needed.


Thank you so much for your consideration and we trust that you will follow the Lord's leading. Maranatha is grateful for the Lord's blessing and protection in the last seventy-five years of service and look forward to the ways He will provide in the future!