Giving to Maranatha

We greatly appreciate your interest in donating to our ministry! Our ministry impacts thousands of lives each year for Christ. Below you’ll find several different ways to donate to camp. From general funds to staff support your giving CHANGES LIVES. We are deeply grateful.

To donate, click the “Give to Maranatha” button, or learn more by reading the description of our camp funds below.

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General Giving Fund

Camp’s finances are mainly based on the generous gifts of donors. Our general fund helps cover a wide variety of needs at camp! You can safely and securely donate online. You can also indicate if there is a specific project (besides those listed below) that you’d like your donation to go to.

Day Sponsor

Day Sponsorships have been widely accepted as a means to support Christian and secular radio and television. For Maranatha, the amount of the day sponsor is calculated on our daily overhead expenses that are unavoidable such as salaries, insurances, basic utilities, taxes and debt reduction.

Guest Donations

We have been blessed by so many and strive to give back. We have been able to give back to those in full time ministry, volunteers, and full time staff family members by providing a restful place for them on a donation basis.

Planned Giving

To learn more about this fund click here.

Staff Support

By supporting Maranatha Staff you are investing in the laborers of the Kingdom. You can choose which specific staff member you’d like receive your gift. The staff members you choose range from full-time to seasonal.

Scholarship Fund (Golf Classic)

Our goal is that no one would be turned away from camp due to a lack of funds! Each year we use all of our scholarship money to help make sure that everyone who wants to experience Maranatha Bible Camp gets that opportunity.


We have found this to be one meaningful way families can make a memorial place for a loved one through Maranatha Bible Camp. We want to honor those whom so many love.

To donate to one of these funds, please click the button below to visit our donation platform. Select the donation fund of your choice from the drop-down on that page.

Maranatha Foundation

Every year, Maranatha Camp has the opportunity to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to thousands of people. Help impact eternity by partnering with us to reach a lost and dying world. Have you considered setting up a long-range giving plan that will benefit both your family and Christian ministries? We can help! The Foundation is part of Maranatha Ministries, which includes Maranatha Bible Camp and SportReach/e3.

Our purpose: Maranatha exists to glorify God by introducing people to Jesus as Savior, training them in Christian living and sending them out to represent Christ to the world.

Our partnership with you: We help you think through your options. While we work with gifts that benefit Maranatha Ministries, a part of your gift can be distributed to other non-profit ministries of your choice (including anonymously, if you desire). We offer free advice about tax-wise giving and long-range plans. Examples of gifts we have worked with include family trusts, real estate transactions to avoid capital gains taxes, consider gifts of life insurance, stocks, bonds, IRA beneficiaries, and other securities donations. Depending upon the complexity of your gift, we can help you network with attorneys, certified public accountants, and other professional advisors to ensure that your gift is done in a legally secure and tax-saving manner.

For more information about the Maranatha Foundation, contact:

Randy Richards

George Cheek
Executive Director
o: 308.582.4513 ext. 114
c: 308.520.4395

James O. Davidson
President Emeritus

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